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Fife Fantasi Nails : Winter Giveaway with Fife Fantasi Nails

Fife Fantasi Nails : Winter Giveaway with Fife Fantasi Nails: Hello Guys I would like to invite you for my first Winter Giveaway. This giveaway is open internationally and I am looking  forward  to y...

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Welcome to the wonderful world of the gorgeous, RuHH Jewelry, with a gorgeous hint of ethnicity to it!

s to the pages below, to see many, many more, beautiful pieces by RuHH!! For more info on RuHH, and their gorgeous jewelry, as well as seeing more of what they have to offer. Simply follow the two links just below!!

Facebook Link to RuHH Jewelry:
The RuHH Jewelry Website Link:

The necklace to the right is fabulous!! I love all of the flip flop colored stones, and the gorgeous pendant. I also really enjoy how it gives you the effect that the necklace wraps around your neck 3 or 4 times. 
This is definitely the perfect piece to match my wedding reception dress. WOW ... what a beauty!

Another fave of mine by RuHH Jewelry is the gorgeous piece to the left. I absolutely love the dangling silver metal, and the bright red. I love the complete look of it all. I really would love to buy one for myself!!

The necklace to the right is one of my favorite pieces so far. I love the look, and I have a gorgeous black dress just like shown in the photo, and I know it would be amazing looking. 
I love the gorgeous dangling chain, the colorful chain holder and how it fans out with such an array of color, as well as the necklace itself!!

It's official, I'm in love :)

You all know how much I love hearts, and the beautiful intricate details in each of the hearts just blog me away, then the stones are my favorite colors 
(Pink and Purple) 
It's a more than beautiful necklace and pair of earrings that would match so many outfits in my closet. Yes, I admit it....I love me some pink!!! This is also another I gotta have it piece.

This necklace is just WOW!!!
I love the color combos, and how the 2nd color beads used in this necklace match the natural brown (almost gold) natural coloring in the turquoise stone. An OMG.....boy oh boy, am I just in love with that star pendant. It completely blows me away!! I had to show it to ya'll. Isn't it amazing, and wow that star pendant, isn't it a beauty?

Absa-Freekin-Lutely Beautiful!

This necklace and earring set is more than stunning! I absolutely love the elegance that it gives off, it has such a regal appeal to it! I really love the deep and rich color red stones she chose to use with the gold. This set was executed to perfection!!

I had to show you these, they are beautiful! I love how there is a bead on the end of each dangling chain. Then the center chain hangs just a bit lower. In this case simple is so, so much more!

Ohhh I'm so eager to show you all this necklace. I more than love this piece, as well as the cool details, and accents. I love the colors she used when she made this, and adore the bib style accent to it. Just by adding the 3 hanging pieces in between each diamond shape piece, really makes this baby POP!!  

Another fierce pair of RuHH earrings! 
I adore the teardrop beads, with the gold, and silver dangling pieces. They are for sure, a pair of earrings you'd see me sporting!

The necklace shown below, to the right, is also shown just to the left being beautifully worn, with the perfect matching colors. I love the white shell as the the center piece, and then the gorgeous pink engraved beads, and super cool looking wire sculpted beads. This necklace is a really magnificent piece!

I really really like the wire sculpted beads, they're so cool looking especially with the gold colored round beads, and the button beads. The attention to detail, and color in this piece has been executed so so well. 
Definitely a fave of mine. Next up is gonna be a real dusie!!

You all know how much I love stars, flowers, and hearts, in my jewelry right? Well I found a real winner, in the pair of earrings just to the left. I love how the wire curls around into a circle to go into your earring hole, and centers the (what appear to be daisies) right in the center. Ohhh I want a! :)

One thing that really attracted me to RuHH Jewelry, was the vibrant colors, and gorgeous detail!! I want to show you a few necklaces that are outta-this-world, and then a few other color-bursting pieces as well!

Check out the four necklaces below.

Check out the necklace to the left, what a 
piece. I love the tints of blue and purple together, with the chains. It is definitely a looker, I love it! 
Next is the chain to the right , with the gorgeous colorful beads, the metal flower pendants. Then the silver, oblong beads, and two large black stone beads, make it absolutely stunning. 

I saved the best necklace for last!!

I really like the soft colors, and the clarity of the stones used for this necklace. I really think it was a great idea for detail, to add both the 1 large, and the few small silver, floral design engraved beads, here and there. The one large round bead sets off the smaller ones, as well as the toggle clasp. This necklace is definitely in my top three list off RuHH Jewelry.
          Now RuHH Jewelry, also makes the most beautiful handbags. I had to show you a couple of them, as well as a few more pieces of their jewelry!! You are really gonna love these beautiful little purses!

First up is the beautiful floral bag, I love the flowers sewn into the front of the purse. I call it the stargazer purse because the one flower in the front looks like a star and the dots surrounding it look like the space sky! All of these bags can be taken apart and worn as a necklace, and then the bag be used as a clutch, or just leave them both together as one piece. Either way these bags are such awesome ideas!!

Next up is the floral bouquet bag (as I call it), only because the front of the bag is covered in flowers. It's so pretty! I love the red and green color used on the flowers on the bag, and how well they matched the tints of the beads. 

I really love the shape to this bag, as well as the colorful beads used in the handle/necklace piece. This bag just to the left gives off such a feel or air of ethnicity, and that's what makes me love it so much!

What a beautiful necklace. I love the 3 pendants that are placed around the beaded necklace. It's a stunning necklace!

I really like the beads on the ends on the chains on this pair of earrings, kinda like the first pair I showed you! "RuHH Jewelry" has so many different pairs of gorgeous, colorful, and elegant earrings, necklaces, and much, much more!! 

The Prize pictures will be posted

within the next 7 to 10 days. 
And everyone keep commenting on beautiful blogs, items, to give you more of a chance to win one, or more gorgeous prize from one of the blogs.

Well happy update to the Fabulous Fashionista' RuHH Blog, the prizes!!

1st Prize Winner

2nd Prize Winner

These two necklaces are gorgeous prizes, and definitely statement wear when it comes to accessories. I suggest you follow the links above just below the top banner (header/logo), and click on their links to see the rest of their beautiful earthy style of jewelry! Also please don't forget to tell her you hear about her from Dana at the: "Stargazers Of The Week Blog!"An, if I'm not mistaken I am sure she does custom work/special orders!! 

Like I always say, keep it fashionable fierce  and cool in all of this hot, humid, weather my to all of my
"Friendly Fashionista' Followers!!" 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fashionista' Of The Week Featuring: Wakazari

I have found a amazing hair accessory spot, that has some of the most beautiful pieces I have seen in a long time. Also they are very unique, and so cool looking. You are all gonna love this treat!
"Fashionista Of The Week!" 

Here are the links to: 
Wakazari's Facebook Page Link
Wakazari's Estore Website Link

Now let's look at some gorgeous, and colorful hair accessories. You are gonna love these pieces! I want to start off with the smaller more simple pieces that are so cute and can be worn with just about every hair style, any hair color, for any occasion! The earrings to the left are beautiful. I love the flower work, along with the dangling beads! I have always loved this style. 


Now here are simple bobby pins with tiny handcrafted, gorgeous flowers on them. They are executed so well, and I love the 3 dimensional look and feel. I plan to try and make a few pieces using this style. I have it down, jut not to perfection!

Onto a beautiful flower that I really, really like! These clip ins are so cute, and the detail is FABULOUS! I love how the centers are filled with beads, and on some of the flowers 2 petals have a floral design. This is a genius idea!!
"I know I'd wear it!"

Let's check out a larger piece, it is so cool looking and really pops! This appears to be a huge bouquet of the smaller bobby pin flowers, all put together in one with a clip to hold it in. I love how they centered it in the front with the 3 lowers then as it goes back they just added petals to make it look grand! 

I have a favorite that has dangling pieces, and beautiful flowers, made in a different style. Check this sweet little piece out! This one is quite impressive and has to be very time consuming to make! I love the colors, and the star shaped center of the main piece, along with the dangling, matching pieces, as well as a chain with matching beads!!
Even the color of the chain that the beads dangle from matches the colors in the piece. 

They also have handcrafted earrings that are stunning! Also these earrings will match just about any hair piece you can find!! I'm also sure they do special orders!!

Now looking at our first pair just to the right I see a beautiful lavender daisy, with a rhinestone center. Then to give the earrings a bit of movement they used some chain and gorgeous beads that almost look like apples, or hearts at the bottom.

Now we have these two pairs of earrings. As you can see the colors in the petals fade in and out of different colors. The 1st pair has teal, light blue, dark purple, and are centered with a blue rhinestone. Along with the beaded dangling ends.
The second pair are the same, just different colors. Yellows, light oranges, greens, and a pink rhinestone center. Using matching green gemstone beads, to match the flowers at the top of each earring. I really adore these flowers and the style blows me away!

Now let's look at the multiple flower hair sets!!

Now this is a 2 piece set that shows of the Asian culture to the fullest and I absolutely love it! Just below to the right you'll see a model wearing the pieces. I really LOVE the way they dangle, and the magnificent detail on the flowers is just WOW!

Completely BEAUTIFUL!! At the ends of the dangling pieces a bead to keep them weighed down....genius! I love the red, white and pink, the fabulous flower center details. It's really a magnificent set!

Check out the little beauties that are up next!!

The picture of the model to the right wearing the hair accessory is the same exact style, just different colors from the ones you see just to the left, and below. It's so cute and feminine, not to big, just enough to add or accent your hair, or outfit. I love the three flowers put together tightly with the green leaves. A+Dorable!!

Also I completely love the gold beaded centers, they add even more detail to these pieces which is magnificent!

Wakazari makes some beautiful looking vintage inspired pieces, now these I really, really fell in love with the moment I saw them! A mix of old and new, PERFECTO' MUNDO'!! 

This handcrafted rose is so so perfect. The designer did a excellent job on it. The petals are all curled at the edges, the fading colors. This has to be thee best rose I have ever seen made from fabric, it's RIGHT ON! Then the beautiful pin on piece, with the lace. All I can say is OMG!! I gotta get this one for! 

Now here is a super cool look. I love all of the colors, the bead center that the half flower comes from and hen continues all the way up and around the sides of the antique looking pin. You can't deny it, these two pieces are beautiful, and so so cool!

Using the pieces together you can get all kind of amazing looks. Like the model pics to the right and left by using the 3 items in the top set. Also there are sets you can buy, that will add awesome accents to your french braids, french rolls, a simple bun, or pony tail. Check out the super cute ponytail holders below! I love them, they are so cute, and perfect for pigtails on your little munchkin'ette! They have button centers, and look great. Wakazari has hair accessories for all ages!!

 Then just below to the right is more hair bands for pony tails! I love the beautiful flowers, and the simplicity that is used to make such amazing pieces, they're
more then cute!!

Now let's take a look at my favorite hair accessory. I absolutely love this piece and it's so so magnificent, classy, and modern, with a twist of a fun, flirty feel.

What a beauty right? I love all of the daisies put together to form a large bunch. All of the centers of the flowers are different, and the colors go together perfectly!! Then there are even dangling pearls!! I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS PIECE!!!
Here are a few close ups of other pieces shown, as well as some others that I didn't show......Teaser time!!

Cute little pin on Daisy!!

Adorable little butterfly hair clip, I really like this one! Also the prices when it comes to Wakazari, are awesome. You can get a lot of items on a budget, so don't worry!

This little pin on piece works so well with this hat, you can pin them to a sweater, or a jacket lapel, your handbag, and many many more things to add some flare to your outfit!! 
I know I'm!

Another gorgeous flower pin on piece, or I'm sure with an alligator clip it can work as a hair piece. I'm sure that Wakazari takes special orders! 

This is the front view of the bobby pin, flower top hair accessories. Awesome aren't they?
I love'em! 

More awesome pieces made by Wakazari.
They have so so many patterns, and styles, all kinds of accents to add like beads, and center pearls, beads, and special pieces! I love the polka dot blue one!! 

Now this one represents my favorite flower, a lily. I'm a HUGE Stargazer Lily fan, and it has a sparkly pendant center, it's pink, it has dangling pearls...Definitely saved the best for last!!!

Welcome to the prize section, you are going to love them all!

1st place

2nd prize

3rd prize

Awesome spot right!! You have to go to the links above under the store banner and check out all the rest of the AMAZING pieces they have.
Until next time keep up you Fashionista' Reputation, and stay cool............See ya soon!! 3 Blogs will be published within the next 2 weeks!! Keep an eye out and keep commenting!!